Joseph is a pleasure to work with…

Joseph is a pleasure to work with and has really helped to develop my concept of integrity.

Tom Rawlins
University of Birmingham
PhD Candidate, School of Government and Society

Joseph has the ability to buildup a project from scratch…

Joseph has the ability to buildup a project from scratch up to the point where it could provide a global perspective over the world. This would be the first and the fundamental sign of a powerful mind, and of a considerable capacity to accomplish major goals. His huge project work on corruption and anti-corruption proves creativity, skills, vision, strategy, and determination.

Camelia Florela Voinea
University of Bucharest
Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Science

Your theme is eternal…

Dear Joseph,
Everything you research in your field deserves proper interest not only by academia, but by whole international community. At the same time, this issue is primarily linked to human nature, his/her psychology, behavior full of passion and temptation. In this sense, your theme is eternal as far as we exist as humans.

Ulugbeck A. Khasanov, PhD
University of World Economics & Diplomacy
Head of Regional Conflicts Study Lab.

Joseph is a multilingual professional…

Joseph is a multilingual professional who provides insightful analysis for clients through leveraging both his professional training and his extensive network of professionals.

Stephen R NAGY
International Christian University, Tokyo
Senior Associate Professor, International Relations

It is a pleasure…

It is a pleasure to pass through several key concepts that Joseph has elaborated on one of the world issues that is still in process of being appropriately confronted, such as corruption, its impact on governance, or the perception of low level corruption in society, or the threats to implement a successful Anti Corruption Reform. Precise approach and recommendations shown to each one of the challenges mentioned.

Julio Cepeda
Universidad de Belgrano, Argentina
PhD ABD Political Science

Joseph is a highly qualified professional…

Joseph is a highly qualified professional in the field of international relations and diplomacy as well as a researcher. We are colleagues at work for a long time and he works as a great coordinator. Plus, he has the character and the talent for handling difficult situations and finding quick and effective long term solutions in perfect harmony with our overseas partners and diplomatic missions.

Paola Sanoni, Ph.D.
University of Tsukuba
International Associate

Joseph has developed the ideas…

Joseph has developed the ideas I promoted for many years during my career. His work is very important because he clarifies vocabulary and principles and is asking some of the questions the world leaders will not speak about. Very good job!

Jean Pierre BUEB
independent expert
corruption prevention

Your project, dear Joseph, has the merit of taking into account…

If there is one thing that everyone agrees with today, it is to say that corruption has reached critical proportions. The Augean stables threaten to poison the entire international community and there is no providential Hercules to clean them up. Faced with such a situation, wisdom requires courage and patience in the effort; we must not give in to the panic and obsession with the immediate result, which would be fatal and counterproductive, as the environment is currently comparable to swamps of quicksand in which we are all more or less entangled. Your project, dear Joseph, has the merit of taking into account these unavoidable realities, and favors a highly strategic approach; it is an enterprise simply cultural,  civilizational.

Former prosecutor and former magistrate, now board member of Financial Intelligence Unit

Joseph is one of the

Joseph is one of the most talented researchers I’ve ever communicated with

Oksana V. Goncharova
Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humaniti